Full-Text Search Technology Document Archive - Software Design and Architecture Notes

These internal documents represent a collection of whitepapers found on the web during research for a web search project that we undertook back in early 2000. Although these days we obviously focus more on artificial intelligence these docs provide a good foundation for understanding the basics full-text search technology software and algorithms.

All of these documents are available in several repositories throughout the internet. If you have difficulty viewing a specific document just do a web search for the documents title.

Note: due to a system crash and restore, many of these doc's were either renamed or perhaps now reside on disk using their old file names. Thus many of the page links once shown below stopped working. However, working links for most of the pdf whitepapers but with less meaningful titles can be found here -> doclist2.html.

Text Versions - HTML or Text versions of these documents were either creating via Adobe's online service or taken from the Text version available via Google. If you need a text version that is not shown here, try searching for the document title on Google and then capturing their cached version of it.
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